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February 6, 2017

Capitulation led to this
President Trump has the courage

The Blaze   
Trump won't rule out defunding entire state of California over 'sanctuary' immigration status  
    President Donald Trump won't rule out the possibility of defunding the entire state of California if it declares statewide sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.
    A small group of lawmakers in California, the largest state by population, voted last week in favor of making the entire state a safe haven for illegal immigrants. The state's Senate Public Safety Committee voted 5-2 along party lines to approve the measure, the Associated Press reported. Democrats on the committee supported the bill while Republicans opposed it.
    The California bill in question, known as SB 54, was referred Tuesday to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Glenn Spencer   
Confronting the mess
    I fought against illegal immigration in California before moving to Arizona fifteen years ago to take up the border fight.
    I was fighting liberals, the Mexican government and RINOS .
    In 1994, I and five million Californians voted to stop using taxpayer funds to pay for illegal aliens.
    What happened next was criminal. The vote of the people of California was stripped from them by an illegal act --- organized by lawyer Peter Schey --- a man I once called a "one-man nation-wrecking crew."
    The sanctuary movement was started in Los Angeles under "Special Order 40". I fought against Special Order 40 for years and wrote this piece --- THE L.A. CITY COUNCIL IS A BUNCH OF OUTLAWS --- twenty-one years ago.
    What has happened to California was avoidable had Republicans found the courage to fight.
    I documented this in a 1999 video, "Courage and Capitulation in California."
    The cowardice of some Republican leaders brought us to this point, but finally we have a president with the courage to confront the mess they helped create.
P.S .--- This is just a taste of why the mainstream media has blacked me out for years. --- I know too much.)