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February 8, 2017

Border metrics --- again an issue
Will Sec. Kelly visit Spencer's ranch?
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Glenn Spencer -- Feb. 8  
An invitation to Secretary Kelly
Exchange between Rep. McSally and Sec. Kelly:

Rep. McSally: The first frustration is how we measure effectiveness --- and I would like to hear your thoughts in that --- and just in that.
Sec. Kelly: I don't know how we --- to be honest with you --- I've heard this a number of times from members and others --- I don't know what the metrics are, so going forward, as we look at a physical barrier and some of the other things we're looking at, I've asked the staff --- tell me how we measure success or failure. I mean I suspect it has a lot to do with, -- not that I suspect --- they can tell me --- us --- how many people the stopped --- but how many people get through --- tell me what the metrics are, so I'm with you on that ..
Rep. McSally: We've got some legislation in this --- the percent you have situational awareness of and then the percent we have operational control of and you an actually intersect these. Current effectiveness numbers don't work.
Sec. Kelly: Exactly
    In the hearing, Sec. Kelly said he was going to be visiting the Tucson Sector this week and possibly talking to border ranchers. I am a border rancher in the Tucson Sector.
    I have been working in the problem of a border metric for fourteen years. I have delivered a number of papers on the subject at a variety of conferences. I have a ranch right on the border where American Border Patrol has been testing different technologies aimed at developing a border metric --- most recently the SEIDARM system.
    This morning, if UPS is doing its job, an invitation to visit my ranch and get my views on the issue of border metrics --- and see technology that can do the job --- was delivered to Sec. Kelly's office before 8:30 AM --- Washington time.
    I truly hope he accepts this invitation.