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February 9, 2017

Sec. Kelly to meet with Az Gov. Ducey
Is technology the answer?

Left: Arizona Gov. Ducey seeks funds for drug war --- Nov., 2015
Right: Sec. Kelly before House Homeland Committee, Feb.7, 2017
ABC15 -- Feb. 8  
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to visit Arizona border
    The Department of Homeland Security secretary is coming to Arizona.
    Sec. John Kelly is expected to meet with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and other law enforcement officials at the Arizona-Mexico border in Nogales on Thursday afternoon. The following day he will be heading to the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Glenn Spencer -- Feb. 9
Ducey favors technology
   Following candidate Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix last September, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey reportedly said he does not favor a physical barrier for the border. "This is his campaign. I'll let him speak for himself," Ducey said. "But we can use technology to do this. We can use border enforcement. We can use border agents to do this. We can use the Department of Public Safety. We can use county sheriffs."
    At the urging of a member of the Arizona State Senate, in late 2015 a demonstration of border technology called SEIDARM was held for the Arizona Border Task Force. Video
    After a final demonstration of SEIDARM, one of the evaluators said, "It works."
    SEIDARM was later deployed just north of the Mexico border, where it successfully helped interdict suspected drug smugglers.
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    Gov. Ducey is most likely well aware of SEIDARM and its capabilities. I hope he and Sec. Kelly discuss its possible use on the Arizona border.