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February 11, 2017

Border group gets first look at Trump "wall"

Granite Construction Company installing "wall" east of Naco, Arizona.
American Border Patrol  
BEEF-2 is launched
    The Department of Homeland Security has begun construction of a new border barrier east of Naco, Arizona. The barrier consists of a type of fencing that has been used elsewhere along the border.
    As this is the first-known border barrier project started under the Trump administration, it can be said it is part of the Trump Wall. However, sources say it is part of a project planned under the Obama administration to replace four-miles of old ten-foot landing mat steel "wall", that U.S. Border Patrol agents complained they could not see through. In a sense, the Trump administration is replacing a wall with a fence.
    This short video taken yesterday shows construction activity.
    There was a rumor that a fiber-optic cable sensor system was being with the new fencing, however Granite Construction Company crew we spoke to were unaware of this, and a close examination of the footing under construction showed no evidence of fiber optic cable. It could still be added to the fence at a later date.
    "With this report, ABP has launched BEEF-2, Border Enforcement Evaluation First --- 2, our project to report on the progress of the Trump Wall," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. "President Trump has promised to secure the border and we trust him, but the work of DHS must be verified," he added.
   Spencer has long advocated the use of a metric showing the degree to which DHS has operational control of the border before any legislation concerning the status of illegal aliens is taken up by congress. There is no evidence that the Trump administration is taking this approach.