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February 14, 2017

Border tower mistake
How did it happen?

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Glenn Spencer
Up to his ass in alligators?
    Yesterday, American Border Patrol reported on the construction of a huge 160-foot border camera tower in what is essentially a national park.
    I became aware of this project through a report in a Nov. 6 Sierra Vista Herald story --- the Sunday before the election when everyone was focused on the campaign.
    After a close look at the proposed project, I was stunned. The new camera tower would be twice as tall as normal CBP towers, and would replace a mobile tower that is now in place at the Montezuma Pass, of which performance there is little known. The view from the new camera location is of an area covered by a oak forest.
    And lined with deep monsoon washes running south out of the Huachuca Mountains.
    Using drones and GoPro cameras, I was convinced that it would be a simple matter for smugglers and illegal aliens to avoid detection by this new camera tower system.
    On Nov. 22, the Herald published my views of the project.
    It is difficult for me to believe that the new Trump administration understood what this project involved.
    As the saying goes: “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's easy to forget you came to drain the swamp.”
    It is quite likely that some of those alligators sold the incoming administration on the wisdom of spending millions of dollars on this dumb idea.