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February 15, 2017

Montezuma Mistake?
SEIDARM to the rescue

Proposed plan to secure the Huachuca Mountains and Ft. Huachuca
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Glenn Spencer --- American Border Patrol
Make it a HABIT
    The Department of Homeland Security just began construction of a 160-foot camera tower in the Coronado National Monument.
    This is a mistake and construction should be halted.
    In its place, we are proposing the installation of the SEIDARM (Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism) in what we are calling Huachuca Approach Border Interdiction Technology (HABIT).
    SEIDARM HABIT would provide reliable detection and tracking of every border intruder along 15 miles of the border, rather than unreliable detection along five miles of border the camera tower offers.
    SEIDARM has been under testing by ABP for more than six years. This video shows its capability to detect and locate intruders.
    This video shows SEIDARM directing a drone to intercept and track a suspect.
    Each five-mile SEIDARM HABIT segment would be radio-linked to an existing U.S. Border Patrol Forward Operating Base (now abandoned) and then via satellite link to the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol station in Bisbee, Arizona --- or any other station.
    The SEIDARM HABIT system could be installed in about two months at an approximate cost of $3 million --- no doubt less than the Montezuma camera tower.