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February 21, 2017

You heard about it today on
JD Hayworth's TV show

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Glenn Spencer -- Feb. 21
The Strange Border Camera Story
    This 13-minute video tells the story about a $150 million project to build 8 huge border camera towers on the very spot where Donald Trump has promised to build a wall. Construction started about ten days ago, and it is still not too late to stop it.
    If President Trump's wall is as good as he says, why do we need to spend a lot of money on cameras to back it up? And why should we build blind cameras anyway? Does President Trump know about these cameras? Does DHS Secretary Kelly? I doubt it.
    This story began in early November --- just before the election --- and ended last Friday when I flew a drone over where the camera towers are being built
    I hope Americans will take 13-minutes to get the facts --- and then contact President Trump and Sec. Kelly with their views.
    I don't blame President Trump or Sec. Kelly for these cameras --- they probably don't know about them --- or, at least they didn't until American Border Patrol spilled the beans.
    By the way, this is what we call Operation BEEF-2.