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February 23, 2017

ABP has a plan
How to save 96% of $150 million

UPDATE 1000 PST --- The outrageous towers are still under construction
Glenn Spencer -- Feb. 23
Helping President Trump get around bureaucrats
    I have been trying to get my government to take a look at seismic technology American Border Patrol has been testing for more than six years, but nothing worked. Today Breitbart has a story involving Mark Borkowski, one of the DC bureaucrats I butted heads with.
    The discovery of a plan to build eight new huge camera towers right where President Trump is planning to build his "wall". May have been just the thing to break down those walls that surround the swamp. I have been told that American Border Patrol's report on those towers reached members of the staff of DHS Secretary Kelly and they are considering suggestions by ABP and others to suspend construction until the on-going review of the plans for the border "wall" are complete. This is good.
    Now that we got their attention, I am taking this opportunity to suggest that, instead of building eight towers to try to spot crossers after they crossed the border, I am proposing using SEIDARM to spot them as they cross.
    This short 2-minute video explains my plan.