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February 24, 2017

Officials visit "Monstrosity" site
Breitbart calls for firing of CBP's Borkowski

Glenn Spencer -- Feb. 24
Eyewitness tells of seeing high ranking officials at Montezuma Pass
    A retired trial lawyer was visiting Montezuma Pass mid-day yesterday when the spotted a large group of people, most of whom were in U.S. Park Service or U.S. Border Patrol uniforms. The witness reported that one of the visitors was out of uniform and, he said, "I had the distinct impression he was the man in charge of our Park Service". "The group seemed to be concentrating on the area to the west of Montezuma Pass where the new border camera towers are supposed to go," he added.
    The witness was at Montezuma Pass because he was en route to check out ABP's story about ongoing construction of border camera towers.
    "I live fairly close to the Coronado Monument, so it wasn't a long drive for me," he told ABP.
    It may well be that the officials were at Montezuma Pass investigating claims by ABP that the border towers would be ineffective and its demands that construction be halted until President Trump's border "wall" plan is completed.
    It is noteworthy that Breitbart recently called for the firing of Mark Borkowski, the CBP Asst. Commissioner with a long list of failures, who contracted for the towers.
UPDATED 4:30 PM MST: Glenn has added another view from tower T3. He wants to know how camera T3 can spot people in these washes.