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February 28, 2017

Concrete no, tech yes
Spencer to propose SEIDARM for border

KPNX-TV -- February 27
Could drones serve as part of a virtual border wall?
    At least a half-dozen Arizona companies have signaled their intent to bid for a piece of the border wall contract, according to federal procurement records.
    The Department of Homeland Security posted an intent to seek bids last week. The proposal calls for companies to develop prototypes of a possible border wall. those proposals will be narrowed down, with an "option for additional miles" if selected.
    Some of the companies that appear on the "Interested Vendors" list include small metal fabrication studios, a contractor in Overgaard, Ariz. and a company that specializes in pre-fabricated concrete walls.
    A company called Border Technologies near Sierra Vista is also on the list. Owner Glenn Spencer said he developed a "virtual wall" concept that he believes could win the contract.
    Nothing in the request for proposal notice says the wall has to be a physical barrier.
    Border Technologies' SEIDARM system uses a network of seismic sensors linked together. Those sensors can detect people or vehicles traveling near the border, then dispatch a drone to intercept them.
    If DHS does decide to build a physical wall, experts believe they'll likely encounter logistical problems that will outweigh the engineering problems of designing a freestanding border wall.
    "15 to 20 million yards of concrete," ASU School of Sustainable Engineering professor Barzin Mobasher said, "So how are you going to deliver that?"

Glenn Spencer
Trump concrete wall no, SEIDARM yes    
    This Friday at noon, Border Technology will hold a demonstration of SEIDARM, the technology that can help secure the border without concrete. The place: Border Technology's test range on the Mexican border south of Tucson. Visitors will watch as SEIDARM sends a drone to intercept "border intruders".
     11720 S. Border Monument Rd.
     Hereford, Arizona 85615
    The press is invited --- others need a reservation.
    Call 520-266-3443.
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