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March 2, 2017

Hurray for Trump/Kelly?
Montezuma Monstrosities halted?

Mid-afternoon on March 1: No activity seen at three tower sites.
Lower right, Park Service official talks to VOA reporter Ramon Taylor.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 2
Courage to confront the DHS bureaucracy
    Yesterday I was visited Voice of America Spanish Editor, Ramon Taylor.
    VOA is a government-funded multimedia news source and the official external broadcasting institution of the United States.
    After showing Taylor a demonstration of SEIDARM, the new border security technology, I took him on a tour of new border camera towers under construction on and near the Coronado National Monument and Forest.
    During the tour I used ABP's drone to get aerial shots of construction activity at three of the tower sites. From all indications, despite it being the middle of the afternoon with weather perfect for outdoor work, we could see no evidence of actual construction.
    The road to one site, T3, was blocked with yellow caution tape and, what appeared to be a construction worker, was parked next to the tape. When we pulled over to take a closer look, he asked what we were doing. I said we were taking pictures, at which point he yelled out - "What are you taking pictures of?" My answer was - "Whatever we want!" We then drove further down the road to launch ABP's drone to fly over the T3 site. As the video shows, there appeared to be no actual construction activity - only that caution tape.
    At location T2, a tower had been placed its foundation on the site allowing me to get a bird's-eye view of what it might be able to see. As this screen grab from the drone shows --- not much.
    Here is the Youtube drone video survey.
    ABP had learned early last week that DHS Secretary Kelly had become aware of these camera towers and that I, and others, had called for a halt to the project while he completes the task of planning the border 'wall' effort. If it turns out that he has done just that, I applaud him and President Trump for showing the courage to confront the DHS bureaucracy.