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March 13, 2017

A wall --- or simple honesty?

Top: From Operation BEEF.
Bottom: From Google Earth: 32 deg 34.750 min N -- 116 deg 35.832 min W
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 13, 2017  
Getting politics out of border security
    I, for one, simply do not understand all this talk about a huge concrete wall on the border when it should be a simple matter of finishing the job of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 - but with serious intent - and adding an objective border assessment system.
American Border Patrol's Operation BEEF shows plenty of places along the entire border where there are gaping holes in the pitiful fencing that does exist. Customs and Border Protection is well aware of these gaping holes but, instead of patching them, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on camera towers put in the wrong places.
    There are known stretches of the border, such as along the Ladd Ranch in Arizona, where cheap mesh fencing should be replaced --- just as is now being done by the Trump Administration elsewhere.
    An objective border assessment system is needed because of politics. There truly is a "deep state" mentality at the highest level of DHS/CBP - and it has even crept into the Government Accountability Office.
    The technology exists to detect and count everyone who crosses the border between ports of entry, and it should be used to get around political influences on how we define border security.
    It is time to get politics out of border security.