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March 15, 2017

Big Disappointment
$1 billion for 647 vendors?

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Bloomberg -- March 15, 2017  
House Republicans Take Their Own Path on Trump’s Border Wall
    President Donald Trump's promise to build a fortified barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border is about to hit a wall of its own: Members of Congress with different ideas on how to curb illegal immigration.
    The administration will seek billions of dollars to pay for it, with the first installment coming in the administration's budget request to Congress on Thursday. The Department of Homeland Security also will solicit bids as early as this week from companies for a barrier it has described as 30 feet tall, made of concrete and “hard to climb.”
    Top Republicans in Congress, meanwhile, are drafting a plan to use multiple approaches --- a wall in some areas, fencing in others, and more drones and Border Patrol agents.
    “We write the check on this,” House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas said in an interview. “We will make sure that it’s done smart and efficient from a taxpayer's standpoint.” [...]
Wall Construction
    About $1 billion would be set aside for border-wall construction. Other funding includes $115 million for added Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel and another $115 million for Customs and Border Protection hiring, the people said.

Glenn Spencer -- March 15, 2017  
It is time to stop playing games
    Bloomberg reports that there may be only $1 billion set aside in the budget for border-wall construction. This is not going to be well-received by the 647 companies on the "Interested Vendors List" for the border wall when they realize their dreams of a piece of the $20 billion construction project pie may not be realized for many years --- if ever.
    It is time for the Trump Administration to stop playing games with all those contractors --- and America --- and admit that the idea of a solid concrete wall along the border was never viable and it just won't happen.