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March 19, 2017

All eyes on American Border Patrol
MSM blinded by globalist agenda

Top: Black Hawk registered to DHS flies over ABP Ranch
Bottom: Chinese TV records demonstration of SEIDARM
Glenn Spencer -- March 19
Chinese happy, French on the way
    Yesterday we had yet another successful demonstration of SEIDARM for yet another international TV news organization. A TV crew shooting for Pearl Video of China watched as SEIDARM sent IDENTICOPTER to intercept "suspects" heading north from the Mexican border. They loved it --- leaving with plenty of footage.
    Shortly after the Chinese crew left, I received an email from the representative of a major French-based news organization saying that they would be arriving for a visit around March 25. "I read that you have engineered a cheaper way to secure the border than with an actual wall," the email read in part.
    Right after that, I heard the sound of a large helicopter approaching. Suspecting it was a Black Hawk, I grabbed my camera and headed out my back door.
    Sure enough, it was a DHS Black Hawk and it flew right over my house --- east bound --- before making a right turn to do a semi-circle over ABP's test range. It completed its turn and flew west out of sight. I got some good shots.
    My work on the border is of great interest to international news organizations, and apparently DHS --- but totally ignored by the mainstream media.