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March 22, 2017

Trump's Wall plan: Insanity at work,
again -- only worse

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Glenn Spencer -- March 22
Time to fire the bureaucrats
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this in Trump's wall RFP:
It should be able to withstand a minimum of one hour of people attempting to breach a foot wide hole using their fist, sledgehammer, pick axe etc.
  When it comes to the creation of a hole larger than one foot in diameter, the first 12 feet of the wall should withstand these efforts for up to four hours.
    If someone starts cutting a hole in the wall, they will be digging it from the Mexican side. Who is going to stop them? All they have to do is dig far enough so the last few inches are left until the U.S. Border Patrol isn't around (they couldn't see them if they were) - and then punch through.
    This is just a minor item --- the entire border wall plan by the Trump Administration is insane. It combines the worst aspects of the failures of the past, with outrageous costs.
    A story in this morning's Washington Post includes a link to a 2009 Homeland Security inspector general report which makes a major --- and very important --- recommendation (page 13):
    Recommendation #1 Require the Border Patrol to provide consistent and specific information in documenting its operational requirements for tactical infrastructure so that actual border fence construction can be linked to the Border Patrol's mission needs for operational control.
    As anyone who visits this Web site regularly knows, I have been harping on the need to use operational control to guide border management for ten years. The swamp dwellers in DC hate me for it.
    The Trump Administration is ignoring fundamental management practices and forging ahead without thinking about how to properly go about the job.
    I criticized his approach nearly two years ago.
    A short time later his campaign said they would come and talk to me --- but they never did.
    The bureaucrats at CBP may tell you they can measure operational control, but they can't --- because they don't want to. You are being played the fool, Mr. President.
    You need to properly define the problem --- and then come up with a solution. The bureaucrats won't do it the right way because they don't want you to succeed.
    There is still time to do this right, Mr. President, but you must act soon.
    It is time to fire the bureaucrats.