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March 25, 2017

More on the Coronado Camera Caper
A scandal ignored because of who blew the whistle?

Top: Google Earth view of washes near T3
(31deg 22min 18.96 sec N - 110 deg. 21 min 06.89 sec W)
Bottom: Integrated Fixed Tower T3
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 25
Tower T3 -- More proof of $148 million wasted?
    Don't hold your breath waiting for the media to check it out.
    The Department of Homeland Security is presently involved in installing 8 camera towers in and near the Coronado National Monument.
    The towers, known as Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT), are being built at a cost of $148 million.
    Planning for the towers came during the Obama Administration, while actual construction had begun under the direction of DHS Secretary Kelly.
    ABP has been critical of these towers since we learned of plans for one of them for the Montezuma Pass last November.
    Yesterday we reported on what we call tower T2.
   Today we look at tower T3. As before, we doubt that that camera T3 is of any value achieving operational control of the border --- "the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States."
    Located 2.7 miles from the Mexican border, camera tower T3 is surrounded by deep washes and an oak forest, raising questions about its ability to see illegal border crossers.
    I have prepared another short video that might convince even the most casual observer that camera T3 is next to useless in spotting illegal border crossers. Please take a look and ask your congressman to do the same.
    If we had an inquisitive media we might be able to get answers to these questions. Surely the New York Times could have a ground radar expert render an opinion on this matter, but, alas, they ignore the story.