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March 26, 2017

DHS camera towers face competition

Arizona company says BORDAS is better
Glenn Spencer -- March 26
Smart drones or dumb camera towers?
    Recent revelations regarding a $148 million camera tower project in and near the Coronado National Monument and Forest have given rise to a proposal by an Arizona company that it say is a better idea. Can a system called BORDAS can do a better job than the fixed towers at a fraction of the cost?
    BORDAS stands for Border Detection and Assessment System. It is made up of two major elements --- SEIDARM and IDENTICOPTER. SEIDARM is a patented technology that can detect and locate all border crossers. IDENTICOPTER uses SEIDARM data to intercept and track Objects-of-Intererest (Oi).
    For a small fraction of the cost of the border camera towers, its creators say BORDAS could detect, identify and track every person who crosses the 30-mile section of border where the camera towers are being constructed. Our analysis suggests that the Coronado camera towers may not be able to detect any border crossers.
    American Border Patrol prepared this short video to explain how BORDAS could work instead of the camera towers.
    Is it time for DHS to consider using smart drones instead of dumb camera towers?