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March 30, 2017

Time to for a mid-course correction?
Trump Administration needs to rethink border wall planning

Rafael Carranza , The Republic | 3:18 p.m. MT March 29, 2017
Feds extend border-wall design deadline amid confusion
    Companies interested in working on President Donald Trump's promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border have more time to submit their designs.
    Amid confusion over the deadline and questions about U.S. Customs and Border Protection's request for proposals, the agency on Tuesday night modified its two calls for submissions, extending the deadline from Wednesday to April 4. The two requests for bidders are for concrete designs and "other." [...]
    The agency said that it would not consider bids focused exclusively on technology such as ground sensors or remote video surveillance because "technology alone will not meet the requirements of this solicitation."
    It indicated designs should not include "proprietary design or equipment," in response to a question about incorporating patented Israeli technologies.

Glenn Spencer -- March 30
Hope Springs Eternal
    Yesterday, I submitted a proposal to Customs and Border Protection in response to their request for proposals regarding the "Trump Wall." Later, I read in the Arizona Republic that the deadline had been extended. I received no notice of this extension.
    As I read further, I learned that CBP would likely reject my proposal because it focused on technology, and this would not "meet the requirements of the this solicitation."
    My proposal presents a plan, based on the use of technology, to link design of the 'wall' to the job of CBP --- operational control of the border - and do it quickly enough to make a difference.
    In my proposal, I point out that this is exactly what the DHS Office of Inspector General said was needed back in 2009:
 Recommendation #1 Require the Border Patrol to provide consistent and specific information in documenting its operational requirements for tactical infrastructure so that actual border fence construction can be linked to the Border Patrol's mission needs for operational control. (Page 13).
    I am going to ignore the RFP extension because I have no plans to change my proposal. I am hoping that CBP has change in heart and will accept a proposal that would help guide the design and installation of the planned "border wall" in a rational way.
    Hope springs eternal.
NOTE: Rafel Carranza, author of the Arizona Republic article, saw a demonstration of my technology on Tuesday --- the day before I submitted my proposal. Here he is watching IDENTICOPTER land.
    I am looking forward to his report.