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March 31, 2017

A rotten newspaper

Some of the News organizations that have watched Glenn Spencer's technology in action.
Only one didn't run a story.
Glenn Spencer -- March 31, 2017
The Arizona Republic -- 'truly rotten people'
    Last Tuesday Rafael Carranza of the Arizona Republic interviewed me about my plans to submit a proposal to CBP that was seeking ideas for the Trump Wall. He watched a demonstration of the SEIDARM/IDENTICOPTER system and it went very well. Over the past year, I have demonstrated my technology for TV news organizations from across the globe and they all ran stories about it.
    The next day I looked for Rafael's story, but couldn't find one --- not even the next day. Newspapers don't sit on stories. They either run it --- or they don't. I decided that the Republic wasn't going to run the story --- but I wasn't surprised.
    Rafael did report on one border story the day after he visited me --- it was about how CBP would reject tech-only proposals --- supposedly, Rafael probably thought, of the type I was proposing.
    The Arizona Republic didn't send Rafael to get a story about my work, they sent him to get information so they could stop whatever I was doing.
    In 2011, when I was planning to show my technology to an Arizona State Senate committee, they made sure people knew I ran a hate group.
    The next day they ran this headline: Man tracked by hate group uninvited to Arizona panel .
    After I was finally allowed to make my presentation, one Arizona State Senator suggested I might have a good idea. For that, KTVK, the Republic's sister TV station, reported: Lawmaker supports giving tax dollars to alleged hate leader.
    I have known about the Arizona Republic for years. I have said they are "truly rotten people."
   I was right --- the people who run the Arizona Republic are truly rotten people.