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April 1, 2017

High Tech on the Border?
Not if it hates people

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Fox News -- March 31, 2017
Drones at the border: Agents ask Silicon Valley for help securing nation
    The government's demand for drones and drone operators continues to soar.
    In fact, earlier this month the head of Air Education and Training Command said that the U.S. Air Force now has more jobs for MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drones than any other type of pilot position.
    Now, a new initiative hopes to speed up the procurement process for smaller drones --- saving time, money, and lives.
     It is part of a new mission for Customs and Border Protection: helping agents in the field see beyond their line of sight, and secure a wider area, without sacrificing safety.

Glenn Spencer -- April 1
Slander defeats technology?
    American Border Patrol began experimenting with drones --- fourteen years ago.
    On May 2, 2004, KGUN TV reported on one of our tests. Here is a transcript of the report.
    And here is the video.......
    "On the ground the crew monitors the plane's flight from a control center, controlling hot spots where foot traffic triggers strategically placed sensors."
    Mike Christie, American Border Patrol. "So, when a sensor does go off, what we have is the ability to send that aircraft from wherever it is, directly to that spot."
    Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol: "Our goal is to have clusters of these UAVs along America's borders flying twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
    The idea was to use ground sensors to tell the drone where to go --- and when. It was soon apparent, however, that ground sensor technology wasn't reliable enough to avoid sending the drone on wild goose chases --- so I invented SEIDARM to solve that problem.
     Today American Border Patrol has perfected the system of linking drones to ground sensors to the point where it is ready for deployment all along the border to help "agents in the field see beyond their line of sight, and secure a wider area, without sacrificing safety."
    Unfortunately, our experience and capability cannot be used because, as it turns out, American Border Patrol hasn't been working for fourteen years to use technology to solve the border problem --- but to make people hate. At least that's what the mainstream media have reported.
   The labeling of ABP as a hate group by the SPLC is the only reason they have not reported on our work for all those years.
    ABP's drone work was important enough to be covered by, for example, Norwegian TV and the Voice of America --- but not by Fox News.
    Those who intend to invade the United States may soon understand that, in America, technology can be easily defeated by calling it a bad name.