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April 2, 2017

Border inspiration
ABP marries SEIDARM to Inspire 2

SEIDARM sends GPS of target --- Inspire 2 flies there and locks on.
Glenn Spencer -- April 2, 2017
Continuing its leadership
    This week American Border Patrol will begin testing a new drone to work with SEIDARM as its IDENTICOPTER. It is the DJI Inspire 2 --- the best drone on the market today.
    The new IDENTICOPTER will have capabilities not even dreamed of a few months ago. Most everyone has seen this demonstration of how our early drone intercepted a person detected by SEIDARM.
    The Inspire 2 is more than twice as fast and can lock on to the person with automatic tracking. SEIDARM can put the DJI Inspire 2 into position so its tracking system can take over --- without the need for remote operator control. it's all automatic.
    Now, imagine that being done at night when a thermal camera makes the target stand out like a Christmas tree light!
    The DJI Inspire 2 has even more impressive capabilities such as a video range greater than 4 miles.
    Drones on the border are the talk of the town, but without SEIDARM to tell them exactly where to look, what good are they?
    American Border Patrol is continuing it leadership in the use of technology on the border.