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April 4, 2017

Are these cameras needed?
Does President Trump know about them?

One of eight camera towers being built --- just north of where President Trump plans an impassable wall.
Glenn Spencer -- April 4, 2017
Calling for an investigation
    American Border Patrol is calling for a congressional investigation into the decision by Customs and Border Protection to build eight new camera towers just north of the border south of Tucson, Arizona.
    At a cost of $148 million, the towers were given a permit after Donald Trump was elected president. Actual construction was begun after President Trump issued an executive order calling for the construction of an impassable wall on the border.
    American Border Patrol has posted a YouTube video that looks at the ability of three of the towers to see anyone who might make it past the impassable wall. It is doubtful.
    Please take a look at this video report and ask your congressman to do the same.