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April 7, 2017

The really big border story

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Glenn Spencer -- April 7, 2017
Too hot for Sixty Minutes
    I spent most of last Tuesday being interviewed by reporter Zack Briggs for this KVOA report.
    Briggs got most of what he needed for his story in a stand up interview done right after he arrived. He could have spent fifteen minutes on my ranch --- not five hours.
    During those five hours I gave Briggs a history of my involvement with the border issue that went back fifteen years. He said he had spoken with KVOA reporter, Lupito Murillo, who had interviewed me fourteen years ago.
    I told him I had been working on a way to measure border security for eight years before I came up with the idea for SEIDARM. I filed for a patent in 2011, and it was granted in 2015.
Creating barriers to securely enclose a space or maintain a border can be a difficult task. For larger barriers, such as state or international border lines, mechanical fences can be costly to maintain and may be easily penetrated. For this reason, human patrol by foot, by vehicle, and by air is often utilized. This type of security is limited by the number of patrol personnel available and potential threats to patrol personnel's safety.
    I explained to Briggs that I was shocked to learn that the real problem on the border has been the refusal of top management in DHS and Customs and Border Protection to accept the legal definition of their job: operational control of the border.
    I said they don't like my technology because it was designed to measure operational control of the border.
    Briggs said the story deserved a real documentary treatment like Sixty Minutes. He asked me if CBS had contacted me. I told him, no, and that CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and Fox News have refused to talk to me.
    I think I can safely say that the young Briggs was truly shocked by the lack of network coverage of this important story.
    It is shocking to realize that the really big story of the border, the refusal of high governmental officials to accept their responsibility, is too hot for Sixty Minutes.