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April 21, 2017

Montezuma Tower Missing
Coronado camera tower project seems to have been halted

Top: Crane arrives to install a camera tower on Montezuma Pass
Bottom: Photo of same spot --- no camera tower.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 21, 2017
Putting a stop to Coronado Camera Towers -- so far
    Plans by Customs and Border Protection to install eight camera towers in and near the Coronado National Monument and Forest seems to have been placed on hold. On April 3, ABP was on scene when a large crane arrived at the Montezuma Pass. When asked about his plans, the driver of the crane said he was there to install a tower. A visit to the site yesterday found no evidence of a tower. A photo of one of the recently completed nearby towers shows that its radar-controlled cameras have yet to be installed.
    American Border Patrol has been critical of the plans for these towers for two main reasons. First, they are being installed to detect and track illegal border crossings right where President Trump has promised to build an impassable wall. Second, a study of three of these towers suggests they would likely be incapable of doing that job --- even if it were necessary.
    While we have no way on knowing for sure, it could well be that our investigation led to project being put on hold.
    Take a look at this video report and see what you think.
    ABP is a non-profit that operates solely on small, tax-deductible donations. This investigation was part of our Operation BEEF 2.
    If it turns out that our government is able to save part or all of the $148 million budgeted for the Coronado camera tower project, those small donations will have paid off.