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April 25, 2017 (A)

April 25, 2017
Trump's wall could be replaced by drones and smarter border technology
    White House officials have revealed that the president may be open to compromises that could allocate the wall's budget to improve border security. [...]
Better border security
    Instead of building the wall, Democrats offered a better solution in the form of additional funding for border security. The emphasis of the proposition is to bolster the border's technology is preventing illegal entry. This includes funding for additional border patrols, smarter surveillance technologies, and even the use of drones.
    Minority leaders on the Senate floor even explained that the inclusion of these new systems would likely become more effective in deterring illegal entry into the country than building a physical wall.

American Border Patrol
Adding a more powerful drone
    Glenn Spencer is underway in testing a new, more powerful drone for border security. The new drone, a DJI Inspire 2, is capable of flying at sixty miles per hour and can automatically track people. "This system will be capable of intercepting possible border intruders within two minute of detection, sending live image to the US Border Patrol,” said Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol.
    Spencer says the new drone, which he calls IDENTICOPTER, fully equipped with a thermal camera will cost about $20,000 --- compared to $18 million for a Predator drone.