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April 27, 2017

A minefield of opposition?

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Vanity Fair -- April 26, 2017
Trump's Base is Flipping Out About the Border Wall
But amazingly, they're blaming the G.O.P. establishment and not the president.
In the wake of Donald Trump's retreat on his signature campaign promise, the “big, beautiful” border wall with Mexico, it was left to Sean Spicer to placate the base that propelled him into the White House --- which itself is not a good sign. Spicer played defense in his signature fashion. “No, I didn't --- no, no, no, no. I never --- no one said delayed. No, no,” he told a reporter who had asked why the president wanted to delay asking Congress for money to build the wall. That said, Spicer admitted, Trump was waiting until Congress began debate on the FY 2018 budget --- nearly six months from now --- before he would approach them with a request for several billion dollars to begin construction. “I think the president's been very clear that he wants a wall,” Spicer insisted, but “I think there's a lot of things that have to happen. It's like any construction.”
    Kellyanne Conway, who'd been in virtual cold storage, was also rolled out, smilingly promising an array of high-tech goodies --- drones, motion detectors, blimps --- to placate the border's restive constituencies. “We'll have those enhancements for border security and then moving on to funding and building the wall later on,” she said on Fox & Friends. But the only people who were cheering these emoluments were mainstreamers, people who'd always believed the Wall was a fantasy, a campaigning prop.

Glenn Spencer -- April 27, 2017
Donald Trump is serious, while George W. Bush was not
    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for 700-miles of double-layered fence along the southwest border. It even specified where the fence should be built. We got 35-miles of double-layered fence instead. What happened?
    What happened is that incredible political forces joined together to stop it. These forces are clever, devious and effective. They are unseen and silent. They supported the Secure Fence Act because they knew they had a plan to stop it before it it did its intended job.
    President Trump must now come up with a plan to maneuver through this minefield of opposition before he can really secure the border.
    The opposition know that they will be unable to play the bait and switch again - this time they will no longer be unseen and silent - they will openly oppose any border security from the outset.
    They also know that Donald Trump is serious, while George W. Bush was not.