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April 28, 2017

Border activist heard in Mexico...
but not U.S.

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Mark Browne -- CNS News -- April 27, 2017
Mexico Assembles Team for All-Out Legal Assault on Border Wall
    Mexico City --- Mexico's foreign secretary is planning an all-out legal assault on any future construction of a border wall by the U.S., to include filing suits in U.S. and international courts over possible environmental, human rights and international treaty violations.
    Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray told congressional leaders here that Mexico will neither pay for nor cooperate with the wall proposed by the Trump administration, under any circumstances.
    He called the wall proposal a “profoundly unfriendly” and “hostile” act.
    “We won't contribute in any manner, directly or indirectly or financially or in any other form to the continuation of a construction of a wall or any other type of physical barrier between our two countries,” Videgaray told members of the congressional foreign relations committee. [...]
    Glenn Johnson (stet) [Spencer], founder of the 15-year-old Arizona group American Border Patrol, told that money to repair existing fencing along the border is badly needed.
    Spencer, who owns a ranch on the border near the town of Herford, said he prefers fencing to a wall, as a concrete wall would make it harder to see people trying to scale the barrier from the Mexican side.
    “A well is opaque. You cannot see through it. It is a bad idea to build a 30-foot concrete wall that you can't see through it,” he said. “What is to stop people on the other side from building scaffolding on that wall?”
    Johnson [Spencer] said Trump should complete work authorized by the Secure Fence Act of 2006 signed by President George W. Bush.

Glenn Spencer -- April 28, 2017
Free Press Everywhere but in America
    Today I am schedule to be interviewed at my ranch by Adela Micha, a world-class journalist from Mexico. This follows on the heels of interviews by Univision and Televisa.
    I considered both interviews to be fair and balanced.
    In the past year I have been interviewed at my Arizona border ranch by news organizations from Denmark, Norway, Japan, France, Brazil, China and Mexico --- but not one U.S. Network has bothered to come down to my ranch in the past six years. I am blacked out in my own country.
    I have learned that, when it comes to the border issue, there is free press just about everywhere but in America.