Past Features

April 29, 2017

Spencer Proposes Mexico
Pay for 'Wall'

TOP: Adela Micha looks on as Glenn Spencer explains his new border technology
BOTTOM: Glenn demonstrates the IDENTICOPTER drone - inside due to an Arizona wind storm.
Glenn Spencer -- April 29, 2017
Operation 20-20 -- Let's make a deal
    During yesterday's visit to my border ranch, I proposed to a Mexican news reporter that Mexico pay for a new wall on the border. The reporter, Adela Micha, a well-known journalist, has interviewed many famous people over the years.
   She seemed intrigued.
    I explained to Adela that technology American Border Patrol has been testing for years is capable of counting everyone who crosses the border illegally, and it could be used to show when the border is secure.
    I then suggested that Mexico pay for the technology, or at least part of it, on the condition that when the border is secure, the U.S. would agree to take up comprehensive immigration reform legislation. I said it would cost about $150,000 per mile for the technology, compared to $5 million per mile for a ‘wall' --- a difference of 97%.
    I said that the border might be considered secure if fewer than 20,000 people got past the US Border Patrol on an annual basis, compared to about 400,000 today --- a 95% reduction. This is similar to Operation 20-20 --- an idea I came up with almost nine years ago.
    If Mexico paid for at least part of this new technology, I explained, this would satisfy President Trump's demand that Mexico pay for a ‘wall' --- and demands of the American people that the border be secured before any discussion of amnesty.
    If Mexico did this, I explained, it would show that it wasn't really trying to conquer the American southwest by illegal migration. A refusal to accept any limitation, however, might raise questions in the eyes of Americans as to Mexico's real intent.
    I said it was time for the U.S. and Mexico to make a deal.