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May 3, 2017

Washington Times -- May 2, 2017
Spending deal has border wall money after all, says Trump budget chief
    President Trump didn't get funding for a brick-and-mortar border wall in the spending deal with Democrats --- but he got money to build a 20-foot-high steel wall, the White House budget chief said Tuesday.
    “That's what we got in this deal and that's what Democrats don't want you to know,” Mick Mulvaney, director of the president's budget office, said at the daily White House press briefing.
    “There's several hundred of millions of dollars for us to replace cyclone fencing with 20-foot high steel wall,” he said, pointing to a photograph of an existing stretch of the towering steel barrier along the southern border.
    “We are building this now,” he said. [...]
    The structure referenced by Mr. Mulvaney, which consists of rows of steel pylons capped with a concrete band, is the “fence” that been erected along the border in some place.
    In some spots where the barrier is incomplete, there are cyclone fences.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The forbidden source
    To correct the record, the photograph Mr. Mulvaney used is of new fencing to replace cyclone fencing that had been in place for eight years. The new steel fence is 18-feet high - not twenty feet --- and is topped with a steel band --- not concrete.
    This type of fencing, installed at my border ranch nine years ago, has become a basic standard. The Trump Administration recently used it to replace old steel mat wall near Naco, Arizona.
    This type of fencing will probably replace existing 10-foot steel mat wall, much of it in California --- and much of it with gaping holes.
    One reason for using this type of fencing is that agents can see through it - unlike those old mat walls steel wall it is replacing. This new 18-foot-high steel beam fencing will most likely be most of what President Trump calls a wall.
    There is also talk of “fixing roads and gates”.
    Our guess is that DHS/CBP is planning to install gates atop the Rio Grand levee, left off by the Obama Administration.
    American Border Patrol's Operation BEEF
 is a major source for much of the historic record of fence construction. You won't learn of these things from the corrupt mainstream media because they are forbidden from using my organization as a source.