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May 5, 2017

A New Low in Journalism?

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Glenn Spencer -- May 5, 2017
CNN digs into the new border fence near El Paso, Texas --- finds lies.
    At two news conferences the Trump Administration focused on a new stretch of fencing being completed just west of El Paso, Texas. Construction of the fence, which is actually in New Mexico, was started late last year, about when it seemed possible that Donald Trump would be elected president. Timing of the construction of the fence raises questions as to what was in the mind of the CBP bureaucrats when they decided to go ahead - but that is for another time.
    CNN”s Anderson Cooper has taken a close look at this particular stretch of fence his report:
Trump's border wall pledge and reality
    What the Trump Administration said about the new fence is basically true, while what CNN said is basically false.
    For example, CNN says the chain link fence shown by the administration was actually construction fencing, and not border fence. Chain link border fence had been in place at this spot for eight years and looked very similar to the construction fence that temporarily replaced it. What CNN said was true, but totally misleading.
    CNN goes on to say that the new fencing replaced old steel mat fencing that was rusting. Totally false! As proven by ABP, this area of the border had been protected for eight years by chain link fencing --- never steel mat fencing.
    CNN also says Trump has no legal right to install new fencing where it does not now exist. Totally false.
    I took three hours to produce this little video detailing the facts.
    Will you take six minutes to see if I am right?