Past Features

May 10, 2017

American Thinker -- May 10. 2017
Trump Is Getting His Wall
    ....What is it with our best-paid friends in the conservative media these days? They seem stuck on doom-and-gloom no matter the facts. Do they not know what is in the spending bill Congress just passed? Or is there just some playbook of pessimism they follow to keep their audiences? Or are they so lazy they just follow along with fake newscasters that since Trump is getting a mere bollard fence, it isn't a “wall”, even though the Border Patrol experts favor this design, as it allows them to see through the other side for potential climbers? (I still kind of like Herman Cain's electric fence, though)
    Ann Coulter's last column is typical, where she ridicules Mr. Trump's OMB director for somehow agreeing not to build the Trump Wall in the just passed Continuing Resolution deal with Congress.
    But in reality, there is plenty of money in this year's CR as even one liberal source grudgingly confirmed for Trump's border wall --- both to repair 20 miles of existing steel pedestrian barrier (important, as illegals have cut holes in the most desirable locations) and to replace another 20 miles of the worthless “vehicle barrier” with the good bollard designs. Many more miles will be added this fall as well when Congress does next year's full budget.

Glenn Spencer -- May 10, 2017
Building a border wall before her very eyes
    I recently criticized CNN's coverage of two Trump Administration news conferences regarding construction of new fencing/walls on the border.
    In my related six-minute video, Anderson Cooper repeatedly refers to the new fencing the Trump Administration is building as a “steel wall.”
    I am convinced that the type of “steel wall” discussed in the CNN report, and that is now under construction, will be the type of border “wall" that will eventually be built. Eventually, Ann Coulter will realize that President Trump is building his border wall before her very eyes.