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May 13, 2017

New border technology shows
how it should be done

Top: Border Patrol vehicle drags tires to allow agents to later see where people walked. -- Bottom: New technology detects people walking in real time --- sends drone to intercept.
Glenn Spencer -- May 13. 2017
21st Century Border Security/14th Century media
    Just about every day, I watch as a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle drags tires along the border fence next to my ranch. They do this to make a smooth patch of ground so, later on, agents can see if people had walked across that patch. By the time they see footprints, the suspect could be miles away.
    This method of detection has been in use for decades.
    On May 11, a single person was walking north from where the agents drag tires. When he got within five hundred feet of a line of sensors, an alarm went off ---“People red”. At that moment a drone was launched and sent to the location of the alarm. Twenty-two seconds later, HD video of the person could be seen. The drone didn't have to look far because the suspect would have been within about 150 feet from the point of the first alarm.
    If you watch this video, you will see the drone accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds --- seconds later it has the “suspect” in its sights. The drone tracks the suspect long enough to evaluate the situation, and then returns to base, automatically landing on its pad within inches of its launch point.
    This technology exists today. It has been proven by seven years of testing. It could be installed on the entire border in a few months at a small fraction of the cost of a wall or fence.
    Once installed the system could provide live video of anyone who tries to cross the border within two minutes of the first alarm. It could do this anywhere on the border.
    I think the American people would support this idea - if they knew the technology existed.
    The job of the media is to make sure they don't.