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May 15, 2017

Building a "Smart" Fox News

Will someone please tell Clayton Morris that fiber optics of the type used by Mr. O’Leary’s company have a human detection range of about fifteen feet.
Fox News -- May 14. 2017
Fox and Friends Weekend
Dennis O'Leary heads Darkpulse Technologies
   Clayton Morris: You've submitted a bid, but you're really calling it a smart wall, why?
   Dennis O'Leary: Well, I mean, just the history of what's been going on at the border, we do need a physical barrier, but I think we need to take it one step further by putting technology that can actually detect people molesting the wall, crossing the wall, or, more importantly, tunneling underneath the wall.
   Clayton Morris: More importantly because we hear about all these tunnels, we see all these tunnels coming through Mexico. Let's take a look at some of the designs, put them up on the screen. What are we looking at here, Dennis?
    Dennis O'Leary: That was a graphic rendering of our proposal that we're going to give to Homeland Security. It's showing a physical barrier. It's sort of a loosely --- uhhh --- the information at the time that we're getting from Homeland Security - it's consisting of a thirty-foot barrier - their is really not much detail --- so, for me, we're just depicting a wall with our technology both imbedded inside the wall. But then, more importantly, you'll see we actually have the fiber (over talk).
    Clayton Morris: I'm curious about this because you have before offered to Homeland Security your services at cost - you weren't going to make any profit --- to put up a smart wall --- not even a really physical barrier --- but they didn't take you up on it.
    Dennis O'Leary: No, I've been saying that for years --- since 2012 --- and, you know --- At the time there was another project - it didn't talk about a physical barrier - talked about technologies on the border --- and there are some areas on the border where it is almost impossible to have current technologies --- it's almost a guessing game --- your are looking at a terrain....
    Clayton Morris: I've heard some experts say the technology we have at Area 51 --- they can detect a mouse moving miles away - but there's no physical wall - and there's guys there with guns and SUVs ready to pounce --- at that secret installation for the government. If they can detect a mouse, why do we need a wall?
    Dennis O'Leary: It comes down to manpower. We have an almost two thousand mile area that has to be under surveillance. How do you then enforce people coming across the border --- you'd have to have hundreds of thousands of border agents. So I agree with the president's plan to have a physical barrier --- but again, I'm saying we need to have a smart wall.

Glenn Spencer -- May 15, 2017
Getting Real (Time)
    Reporting on DarkPulse Technologies proposal, ABC15 Arizona said: “Their technology can use sensors to provide real-time images of any attempt to climb over or tunnel under the wall.
    I can find no such claim by Darkpulse Technologies.
    The only technology I am aware of that can do such a thing has been tested on my border ranch.
     It has a human detection range of about 500 feet, compared to fifteen feet for fiber optics. [Reference]