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May 18, 2017

Don't Mess with Texas

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NBC DFW -- May 17. 2017
Texans Footing the Bill to Secure Mexican Border Where Feds Continue to Fall Short
Texas DPS steps in to secure border with Mexico to prevent unchecked lawlessness
    Running more than 1,200-miles across our state's southern border with Mexico, the Rio Grande is the first line of defense for law enforcement protecting the Texas border.
    "The Texas doctrine is you don't secure the border from Austin, you secure it at the river," said Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. "You get right in the cartel's face."
    The cartels use the river to sneak people and drugs into the United States.
    "There's nothing that crosses that river --- cocaine, meth, heroin or people --- that isn't treated like a commodity," McCraw added.
    Texas State Troopers patrol the river in boats, protected by Kevlar panels and armed with 30-caliber machine guns.
     They're intimidating, though critics call them excessive. [...]
Technology plays a big role in securing our Southern border, where the state has hidden thousands of game cameras, valued at about $300 each, in trees.
    Once a camera is tripped, the GPS coordinates are sent to every trooper and agent on duty.
    "There's not enough Border Patrol agents, Texas State Troopers, Texas Rangers, special agents or police officers in Texas to secure the Texas-Mexico border without leveraging technology," McCraw said. "You don't have to go out and spend $100 billion on technology. You can find things that the private sector has developed and leverage those things and build a network."

Glenn Spencer -- May 18, 2017
A Systems Approach
    Right out of college I went to work for a DC think tank. My speciality was the development of large-scale computer simulation models.
    The models were designed to find the proper mix of man and machines working in a complex system subject to random demands and service times. It is based on queuing theory.
    This type of modeling would be perfect to study the US Border Patrol. I have recommended it many times, and the Secure Fence Act actually called for a similar approach, but, like everything else that Customs and Border Protecting does on the border, if will works --- they are not interested.