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May 22, 2017

Democrats and Sexual Abuse

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The Hill -- May 21, 2017
California Dem to convention crowd: 'F--k Donald Trump'
    California's outgoing Democratic Party chairman reportedly said "f--k Donald Trump" from the stage while holding up two middle fingers at the state party's convention this weekend.
    The crowd cheered Chairman John Burton, according to The Associated Press.
    During the convention, Sen. Kamala Harris also blasted Trump, saying he is putting "Russia first, America second."
    Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsome, the current lieutenant governor, said California can be the center of liberal resistance to Trump.
    “The world, literally the world, is counting on all of you, counting on California to reject Trump's deception and destructiveness,” Newsom said, according to the AP.

SGlenn Spencer -- May 22, 2017
The Rape of California -- Now The President of the United States?
    Democrats seem to be in to sexual abuse. They raped California, now they want to rape the President.