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May 26, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend
American Flags More Than Welcome at this July 2 Event

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American Border Patrol -- May 26, 2017
Flags Along the Border - Tenth Anniversary Event - July 2
A special appearance by the Sons of the Pioneers
    American Border Patrol is proud to announce that the tenth Anniversary of Flags Along the Border --- to be held right on the border on Sunday, July 2 --- will feature the western singing group the Sons of the Pioneers.
    This famous group was recently featured in the Sierra Vista Herald: "Legendary Western combo, in its 83rd year, plays Cochise Gathering"
    The tenth anniversary of Flags Along the Border will be held on Sunday, July 2, at the usual place --- a Cochise County Arizona ranch right on the Mexican border overlooking the beautiful San Pedro River. This year's theme will be "American Border Patrol --- pioneering the use of modern technology on the border."
    Leading up to the appearance of the Sons of the Pioneers, there will be a live demonstration of a drone that can help secure the border --- with or without a wall.
    “The Sons of the Pioneers represent the kind of spirit that empowered American Border Patrol to lead the way in the use of modern technology on the border,” said Glenn Spencer, founder and head of ABP.
    Reservations for the July 2 event (See the flyer) can be made by calling Melissa at 520-803-7703 between 8 AM and 4 PM weekdays. (As you can see from this photo --- Melissa actually began the Flags Along the Border tradition back in 2008.)
Just added! A 100-second video on the history of Flags Along the Border