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May 28, 2017

Should we save America?

Thousands of flags make up banner for Flags Along the Border -- 2015 -- each with a note from an American. Mark Zuckerberg thinks they're wrong to do this.
Glenn Spencer -- May 28, 2017
California -- a Hispanic state -- what next?
    In 1990, Non-Latino whites in California outnumbered Latinos by almost two-to-one. Today Latinos outnumber whites in California, and the difference is growing. This happened because our government did not secure our borders or enforce our immigration laws.
    During the ten years I fought against illegal immigration in California I was struck by the prevalence of communists in the open borders advocates. Twenty-one years ago --- on July 4, 1996, I led a group that was attacked on Wilshire Blvd. by self-described Latino Communists.
"The skirmishing went on when soft drink cans were thrown by the communists... it was ideological combat at Wilshire and Veteran." (KABC TV NEWS)
    One of the leaders of the open borders group, Peter Schey, is a member of the National Lawyers guild --- once described as the "Legal bulwark of the Communist Party in America."
    Schey was behind the killing of Proposition 187, the voter-passed statue that would have put an end to illegal immigration in California.
    On May 9, California's Assembly voted to allow communists to hold state jobs.
    In the coming months we are going to witness a struggle to keep California as part of the United States of America.
    The German philosopher Goethe said, “There is nothing more frightful that ignorance in action.”
    Let us hope that Mark Zuckerberg's assault on America's sovereignty is nothing more than just simple ignorance, because the fight against communism in California may be the struggle of our time.