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May 31, 2017

You think President Trump has problems with the media?
...Check this out

Top: Written testimony of CBP U.S. Border Patrol Acting Chief Ronald Vitiello for a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on National Security, and Subcommittee on Government Operations hearing titled “National Security: Threats at our Borders”
Bottom: Border technology remains flawed ---Bob Ortega, The Republic, June 3, 2013
Glenn Spencer -- May 31, 2017
The blackout of American Border Patrol --- the sensor story
    Bob Ortega of the Arizona Republic has done some of the best reporting on border technology around, including "Border technology remains flawed," wherein he exposes, among other things, serious problems with U.S. Border Patrol ground sensors.
    (Actually, Ortega was being generous as the OIG report he used found that of 29,710 sensor alarms recorded, fewer than 1% --- 252, led to an apprehension)
    Mike King and I recognized problems with these sensors years ago so we invented a new approach we call SEIDARM --- Seismic Detection and Ranging System. The latest patent covering this invention was issued on April 18.
    On Tuesday, March 28, Rafael Caranza, a reporter for the Arizona Republic, visited me at my border ranch. (They should have sent Bob Ortega.) He watched a demonstration of SEIDARM and a drone we call IDENTICOPTER. It went very well.
    Despite the fact that the Republic had reported on serious problems with ground sensors, and despite the fact that SEIDARM --- a patented technology --- solved those problems, not a word of Caranza's visit appeared in the paper.
    This is just one small example of a decade-long blackout by the mainstream media of the work of me, Mike King and others connected with American Border Patrol --- designated as a charitable organization by the IRS.
    That is why, on March 31, I called the Arizona Republic "A rotten newspaper."
PS -- Maybe Chief Vitiello should have added: "By the way, Chairman Meadows, our ground sensors don't work very well and we sure could use new ones like Glenn Spencer and Mike King invented."