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June 7, 2017

Flags Along the Border...
The Tenth Year

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American Border Patrol -- June 7, 2017
Flags Along the Border -- 2017
American Border Patrol --- "Pioneering the use of modern technology"
    On July 4, 2008, supporters of American Border Patrol* sent in 2,000 small American Flags, each with a note attached urging action to secure the border. The flags were placed on the barbed wire fence at Glenn Spencer's Arizona border ranch. Four months later, construction of an 18-foot steel beam fence - on the very spot the flags were placed --- was underway.
    But the fence was only five-miles wide, and most of Arizona --- and America --- was unprotected, so ABP continued the Flags Along the Border tradition.
    In 2015, (2016 was skipped due to the election) ABP supporters sent in 50,000 flags.
    With the Trump “wall" facing uncertainty, American Border Patrol will continue Flags Along the Border with a special ten-year anniversary BBQ --- to be held on Glenn Spencer's Arizona border ranch on Sunday, July 2.
    Flags are already arriving from around the country, sent in by American Border Patrol's supporters.
    To mark ABP's pioneering work in the use of modern technology, this year the famous singing group, the Sons of the Pioneers will be the featured attraction. The Sons of the Pioneers date back more than 80 years and are sounding as good as ever as they sing, “Cool Water” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.”
    Besides the Sons of the Pioneers and a western-style BBQ, attendees will witness incredible demonstrations of border technology, including a 60 mph drone that will fly far into the desert to spot “intruders”.
    See the flyer for reservations.