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June 9, 2017

Better Than the Predator?

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Glenn Spencer -- June 9, 2017
Can small win out over large?
    Back in 2015, the Bob Ortega of the Arizona Republic did an excellent job reporting on the Predator UAV being used by Customs and Border Protection.
    Here is one of Ortega's conclusions.
    Industry insiders and security analysts say that alternatives to the drones get short shrift because the government's contracting and acquisition system tilts towards large military contractors whose heavy lobbying can define contracts in ways that favor them.
    "People with lobbying access can define the requirements that determine the contract," said Brian Whiteside, a pilot who has worked with several aerial-surveillance companies. "It's lead time, networks, connections, access; if you're a small business, you're not going to survive."

    American Border Patrol has been testing the idea of using small drones for more than fourteen years. With the marriage of SEIDARM and IDENTICOPTER we think we have found the perfect combination.
    There will be a live demonstration of this system at the Flags Along the Border BBQ on July 2.
     For reservations, see the flyer.
    Please plan to be there --- maybe you can help see to it that this idea survives.