Glenn Spencer -- June 12, 2017

Glenn Spencer answers U.S. Border Patrol

This letter was sent to the publisher of the Sierra Vista Herald on Monday, June 12, 2017....

Dear publisher;

I thank the Herald and editorial intern Lauren Renteria for the excellent story on technology I call SEIDARM. I should point out that the cost of the system, with the drone, runs about $150,000 per mile, not $250,000 - making the total cost for the entire border $300 million, rather than $500 million.

According to the story, the Daniel Hernandez, a public information officer with Tucson Sector Border Patrol, said that sensor and drone technology was around long before I started.

The record will show that American Border Patrol's use of drones for border security predated their use by Customs and Border Protection and, in all likelihood, prompted CBP to begin using them.

And, according to a report by the DHS Office of Inspector General, ground sensors being used by the Border Patrol have a false-alarm rate of more than 90% and, out of 29,710 alarms sent by these sensors, less than 1% led to an apprehension.

My technology has a false alarm rate of less than 5% and has a detection range ten times that of Border Patrol ground sensors.

Hernandez says the best tools Border Patrol has on hand are the camera towers that have heat sensing capabilities. Of the eight camera towers recently installed in and near the Coronado National Forest, only one is closer to the border than one mile. SEIDARM can position a drone with heat sensing cameras to within a few feet of a suspect --- as the border is being breached.

Installed all along the border SEIDARM could a force multiplier for all systems, including the Predator UAV, Integrated Fixed Towers, and agents in vehicles.

Glenn Spencer