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June 13, 2017

Technology on the border -- what
does President Trump know?

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Glenn Spencer -- June 13, 2017
Piercing the iron bubble
    The more I hear out of the White House about the border, the more I am convinced that President Trump is detached from reality. When he floated idea of building solar panels atop the border ‘wall' there was no one to tell him that Mexican gunners would make short work of them.
    Take border detection technology, for example. In light of the total failure of existing ground sensors, the U.S. Border Patrol is reduced to dragging tires along the border to try to find footprints.
    What is the likelihood that President Trump is aware that technology exists that can solve the border detection problem? Slim and none. This technology was recently featured in a local Arizona newspaper, but it is the only newspaper in America that will cover the story, and it is very unlikely that President Trump reads the Sierra Vista Herald (and, besides, he would need a subscription).
    From what I can gather, the Trump Administration is proceeding along the same failed technological path that was set years ago by Bush and Obama.
    The Washington swamp dwellers know the game very well --- avoid accountability and control access to the president to make sure he is unaware of what is gong on.
    What are the chances of piercing this iron bubble to tell the president the truth about border technology?
    Slim and none.