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June 19, 2017

Californians Speak Out
Twitter doesn't like it

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Times of San Diego -- June 18, 2017
$250,000 TV Ad Campaign Features Grieving Dad Denouncing 'Sanctuary Cities'
   A $250,000 TV advertising campaign airing on 10 stations in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco is focusing on California deaths committed by immigrants in the U.S. illegally.
    The ads, featuring grieving dad Don Rosenberg asking President Trump to withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities,” are in response to Governor Brown's expected approval of legislation making California a sanctuary state.
    The ad campaign is from Californians for Population Stabilization, a Santa Barbara-based organization founded in 1986. The organization says it favors legal immigration and but is against sanctuary city policies that help undocumented immigrants.
    In one ad, Don Rosenberg is seen with a photo of Gov. Brown. “Imagine if Drew had been his son,” Rosenberg says. The title for the ad campaign is “Imagine.” [...]
    Californians for Populations Stabilization said the ad campaign began in late May and will continue at least through the end of June. Joe Guzzardi, national media director for the organization, said the advertising buy exceeds $250,000. [...]
    “We have received tens of thousands of likes on Facebook and other social media,” said Guzzardi. “But unfortunately, Twitter has halted CAPS' ability to promote Don Rosenberg's tweets about the ads, essentially calling the story of Drew's murder offensive. It seems like Twitter should spend more time censoring terrorists instead of folks like Don Rosenberg.”