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June 20, 2017

Coulter vs. Trump
Ignorance in Action

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PJ Media -- June 18, 2017
Ann Coulter Turns Against Trump Over Border Wall: 'I Thought He'd Help OUR Country'
    Conservative rabble rouser and 2016 Trump supporter Ann Coulter is suddenly turning against the man she supported during the GOP primaries and the presidential elections. Coulter, who told voters for months (if not years) that Trump was the man who would make America great again, is now suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence would make a better president.
    The final straw that caused Coulter to go from prolific supporter to critic was the Trump administration's decision not to get rid of Obama's executive amnesty:

She added:

Glenn Spencer -- June 20, 2017
Coulter's knowledge: A mile wide and an inch deep
    President Donald Trump is like the Navy captain who just took command of a nuclear aircraft carrier. When the time came to launch fighters, he ordered the ship to head into the wind. “Not possible right now, captain,” the helmsman responded, “The rudder is welded in place.”
    Donald Trump took command of a Department of Homeland Security that is manned by senior people hired under Presidents Bush and Obama --- both advocates of open borders. That is sixteen years of selective hiring and promotions.
    Whether on orders from above or not, we may never know, but last year when asked in a congressional hearing to define operational control of the border, the just recently named head of the Border Patrol, Ronald Vitiello, could not --- or would not, answer the question.
    I doubt that Ann Coulter can define operational control of the border, but it is mentioned six times in the presidential executive order covering the Trump ‘wall', and it is, by law, the definition of the job of the Secretary of Homeland Security when it comes to the border.
    All Chief Vitiello had to say to answer the question was: "Operational control is the prevention of all unlawful entries.” Instead he gave a rambling definition of situational awareness, a measure of success that cannot be quantified.
    The avoidance of accountability runs deep within Customs and Border Protection and President Trump is facing a difficult task as he tries to change that culture. I think he will, but it will take time.
    Ann Coulter's understanding of President Trump's challenge to build a wall under present circumstances, in Congress and the CBP, is a mile wide --- and an inch deep.