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June 29, 2017

MSM: Misguiding the
American People

How to waste money on the Predator: Is pricey Border
Patrol drone program worth the cost?
NY Times -- June 20, 2017
On the Mexican Border, a Case for Technology Over Concrete
  Roma, Texas -- From a compact, portable shed on the outskirts of this border town, Jonathan Hoyt has an expansive field of vision. His computer is linked to cameras and surveillance equipment that allow him to see rubber rafts on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande nearly three miles away, simply by moving a tiny joystick.
    Mr. Hoyt, a Border Patrol agent, is using equipment that the Defense Department brought back from Afghanistan, where it was used to track the Taliban. It is part of a potent arsenal that also includes towers, drones and aerostats --- giant blimps attached to the ground that can hover as high as 5,000 feet. Helicopters using powerful infrared sensors and video cameras also patrol the skies.
    Law enforcement officials say that deploying this array of technology has resulted in tens of thousands of arrests on a border that remains a primary transit point for drug smuggling and migrants crossing into the country illegally.
    Despite President Trump's calls for a massive wall to secure the border --- which Representative Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, ridiculed as a “14th-century solution to a 21st-century problem” --- the fight against illegal immigration and drug trafficking on the United States-Mexico border has increasingly become high tech.

Glenn Spencer -- June 27, 2017
On the Mexican Border, a Case for ending the blackout of American Border Patrol
    This morning I am meeting with a TV crew that arrived from London last evening. They are driving down from Tucson and will be with me all week. It will be full week.
    I will take them flying along the border in a Cessna with GoPro cameras hanging outside. We will drive ATVs along the border where the “fence” consists of single 60-foot railroad rails that a five-year-old could duck under. They will see demonstrations of the SEIDARM/IDENTICOPTER system as it speeds to intercept “suspects.”
    They will be briefed on the long history of how CBP has used technology on the border --- and failed --- including ground sensors with a 90% false alarm rate, the Predator UAV and radar-controlled camera towers. They will learn how the government lied about building fences.
    This will be the tenth international TV news crew to visit me on my ranch in the past year, including Japan, China, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, England and Mexico. My work is known world-wide, but not in the U.S. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News --- all have decided that what I do is of no interest to them.
    At some point the blackout of my work will become so obvious to the rest of the world that the mainstream will be forced to start telling the truth.