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July 1, 2017

Integrated Fixed Towers
Will CBP find out if they really work?

Integrated Fixed Tower (T2) in the Coronado National Forest. (See larger image)
Glenn Spencer -- July 1, 2017
Integrated Fixed Towers -- will testing be realistic?
    Yesterday I reported on evidence of the testing of certain Integrated Fixed Towers in and near the Coronado National Forest.
    This apparent testing follows a report of more than three years ago by the Government Accountability Office that found fault in the testing of these towers.
    I first became concerned with the placement of Integrated Fixed Towers back in 2015, when they were being installed near Nogales, Arizona. American Border Patrol did a study of the placement of these towers that raised serious questions about their ability to detect and track border intruders.
    See this video
    I had similar concerns when I first learned of plans to place these towers in and near the Coronado National Forest.
    I produced a short video, Montezuma Monstrosity, that raised questions about the ability of that proposed tower to aid in border security.
    After learning that seven more towers were planned, I took a close look at three of them and raised serious questions about their effectiveness, and why they were being installed right where President Trump was planning to build “an impassible barrier."
    See the video
    With a new sheriff in town (President Trump) maybe the people at CBP will begin taking their jobs seriously and find out if these towers are any good. They can only do this by having human try to sneak past the cameras by using the deep washes that act as “tunnels” for smugglers and illegal aliens.
    I am looking forward to the results of such a realistic test.