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July 12, 2017

Do you think Fox News is "America First"?
Think Again.....

Top: Story in the Sierra Vista Herald -- Bottom: Story in Fox News
Glenn Spencer -- July 12, 2017
Globalist Fox News
    It took fourteen years of hard work and my own money, but I finally invented a system that can detect and locate border intruders.
    It is patented.
    Working with American Border Patrol, a non-profit, we linked that system to drones. It works and is just about ready to go.
    A group of students and professors at the University of Arizona came up with an idea of using sensors to deploy drones. It was just an idea, but they got $750,000 from the Air Force to work on it --- for the next three years.
    Even though my work with drones has been covered by international news organizations, and the Voice of America, for years Fox News has refused to mention my name, or report on what I do. Given a chance to report on how drones might be used on the border, however --- they jumped on it, even though the concept is years from becoming reality --- if ever.
    Why? Because there is an agreement amongst globalist U.S. media that anyone who really can help control the border will be blacked out. Fox News is merely acting its globalist part.
    Unlike President Trump, Fox News does not think “America First". Don't trust them to report the truth about the border.
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