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July 16, 2017

New Video Looks at
Integrated Fixed Towers

American Border Patrol drone watches test subject walk toward deep wash near Integrated Fixed Tower in the Coronado National Forest.
Glenn Spencer -- July 16, 2017
Not seeing is believing
    American Border Patrol has been watching the use of technology by Customs and Border Protection for at least eleven years.
    In the summer of 2015, Elbit Systems of America caught our eye when it issued a press release saying its new Integrated Fixed Towers system near Nogales could "detect, track, identify, and classify movement on the border."
    A quick look at where CBP put those cameras raised serious doubts as to Elbit's claim.
    Since the summer of 2015 ABP has done a number of reports placing doubts on the ability of the Integrated Fixed Towers project to help secure the border.
    A June 12, 2017, report by the DHS Office of Inspector General, raised serious questions about the testing of the Integrated Fixed Towers.
    In light of this report, ABP took an even closer look at one of those towers. We used a drone to follow a test subject from the tower into a deep wash, 600 feet away.
    Tomorrow we will publish the results of this test.
    You can decide for yourself if the Integrated Fixed Tower could “detect, track, identify, and classify movement" in that deep wash.