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July 31, 2017

FOX News Silenced?
Not allowed to talk about border cameras?

Judge Jeanine: We're in command and control at Nogales, and what you see here are all the cameras along the border --- The technology is so advanced that we can't even talk about it.
Glenn Spencer -- July 31, 2017
Judge Jeanine Investigates Border Security?
    In the second of her two-part series investigating border security, Judge Jeanine Pirro suggested that she was not allowed to talk about cameras placed along the border near Nogales because "the technology is so advanced we can't even talk about it."
    It's too bad she was unaware of my work, because I could show have shown her that those cameras she was talking about probably don't work very well --- and I'm not afraid to say so.
    In the first part of her series she can be seen on horseback showing a border barrier that doesn't stop people. At that point, she was within1400 feet of my ranch, and American Border Patrol's advanced technology test range where we show how an advance sensor system detects intruders.
    At another point during her ride she was within one-half mile of where I used my patented SEIDARM invention to detect and track drug smugglers.
    But she doesn't know anything about me --- otherwise she would have made a beeline to my ranch to watch real border solutions in action --- and learn the "secrets" behind those Nogales border cameras.
    Maybe I should write her a letter.