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August 3, 2017

a plan or scheme, especially one used to
outwit an opponent or achieve an end.

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Glenn Spencer -- August 3, 2017
The Perry Gambit?
   There may be a troika at work in Washington, D.C. comprised of Senator McCain, Chairwoman McSally and Chairman McCaul. Its goal might be to defeat or derail any serious border security or immigration legislation.
    The suspected troika could well have arranged a news story that Rick Perry might be moved from the Department of Energy to Homeland Security, fully expecting a major backlash from conservatives who know full-well Perry's historic record on immigration and the border. This, they might have thought, would open the door for President Trump to move Chairman McCaul of the House Homeland Security Committee into Secretary of Homeland Security.
    In his 2012 report on the border "LINE IN THE SAND," Chairman McCaul paints a detailed, accurate picture of the failure of Customs and Border Protection's Secure Border Initiative, including CBP's failure to establish a border metric, and the lack of proper management that led to the failure of SBInet. "This has raised concerns that the Arizona Border Technology Plan will be nothing more than an expensive and failed repeat of SBInet” the report says (Page 43).
    Today, five years later, we are witnessing a possible major scandal over Integrated Fixed Towers, the latest version of the failed SBInet --- even though there was ample evidence that Chairwoman of the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, Martha McSally, should have seen and used to avoid the problem.
    Chairman McCaul was well aware of the potential problems with CBP management, yet they continued --- and probably got worse under his watch.
    I watched with approval the efforts of Rep. Candice Miller as she chaired the Border and Maritime Subcommittee. She was focusing like a laser on getting DHS to come up with a metric to measure operational control of the border.
    See this and this .
    Then, suddenly, early last year Rep. Miller was gone and Rep. Martha McSally took over the reigns.
    From what I can tell, Chairwoman McSally has done everything possible to avoid the issue of measuring operational control of the border.
    During one of her hearings in 2016, Chairwoman McSally said: "But as far as I can tell, the only procurement that is working well and on budget is the Integrated Fixed Tower program, located principally in my district"
    Today, those Integrated Fixed Towers in her district sit idle, most likely never to be used as is.
    I recently called on Rep. McSally to resign.
    Rep. McSally is not what the people of Arizona had hoped for, but neither is Senator John McCain --- and there is no doubt in my mind that he was instrumental in her 2014 election.
    While the rules of the House are arcane, could McSally have been named to head the border subcommittee without the full approval of the Chairman of the full House Homeland Security Committee --- Michael McCaul?
    We know where Sen. John McCain stands on border and amnesty issues, but can we be sure Chairman McCaul is truly on our side? I have my doubts.